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Lavishea Lotion Bars may look like soap, but no water is necessary. Simply rub the bar on your skin, and the heat of your body will melt the lotion. It is quickly absorbed for a non-greasy finish. This trait makes it the perfect bar for yarn and needle arts. It is a perfect way to moisturize dry hands and avoid snagging delicate work without leaving a residue on treasured projects.

The portable bar is also perfect for people who travel often since it will pass through security if packed in airport carry-on luggage. The solid lotion is spill-proof, and comes in a convenient tin that fits well in a wide range of bags or purses. High temperatures can melt the bars, however, so keeping them out of direct sun or extreme temperatures is advised.

All Lavishea Lotion Bar varieties are completely Gluten Free, and for those who have sensitivities to all perfumes and dyes, there is an unscented version with no dyes and no perfumes.

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